This site is here to display my work from year 3 of games design and art. Click on the tabs above to get started.

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Basic Placement Testing

09/03/2021Testing via teams – some screensharing and talking while playing, some playing and then giving feedback afterwards.Below is some of the feedback that was put in the nodenogg.in Screenshared Playtest 1 Mouse feels weird under the placeable plant (want it to be in the middle) “Not sure where to put the stuff” “Think I’m making […]

Semester 2 plan

During semester 2 Gardeners Grove will be taken forward for development. This includes marketing and branding the game as well as recording its development and sharing that with the public. Splitting the semester up into 4 phases (similar to semester 1) shows that there are 4 core segments of focus: Marketing, Prototyping and testing, Refinement, […]

Evaluation and Reflection

I am writing this blog post to reflect upon the research and design of my game, as well as the creation of the project proposal during Semester 1. Overall, I am excited to be going into semester 2 working on a game that I am passionate about and interested in iterating upon in order to […]