This site is here to display my work from year 3 of games design and art. Click on the tabs above to get started.

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Professional Contexts Reflection

Preparing for a career in the games industry is a hurdle that many people face and often find themselves stuck wondering what to do. Over the course of the last few months, I have been lucky enough to receive multiple talks from different industry professionals. This blog reflects upon these talks and what I can […]

Project proposal visuals

This blog is keeping track of how I want my project proposal to look and feel. Allowing the reader to understand what my game will feel like before playing it is my main goal with the project proposal. I began creating a moodboard to get an idea of what my project proposal could look and […]

Project Proposal Plan

This blog post will be used to plan each section of my project proposal. I want to outline each section, what will be written in it and what visuals are needed. Brief outline Contents page (in this ‘roadmap’ style) Section 1 Brief game concept explanation (Why is it unique) Goals Audience & target platform (Include […]